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Here at DCCconcepts we are all modellers... and DCCconcepts itself revolves solely around model railways and the equipment, tools, techniques and special items that combined with a will to do it well and a little practice, make it possible to turn any model into something very special.

We pride ourselves in simply telling it like it is when giving advice and assistance and we decided that when we created our website, we should do it the same way - No fancy graphics to distract or waste your time, plain and to the point information and pragmatic, down to earth advice…

We’d like to start off here by telling you about how our website is structured so you can find your way around easily…

Then we’d like to give you some general information on how we operate at DCCconcepts and explain our approach to business, services, advice and our great hobby in general!


Firstly, a little about our website structure:

Browser compatibility:

The website has been written by me…. And while I am useful at some things I am certainly not a web expert, so it has been optimised only for Internet explorer at this stage. I am aware it reads well in most places with Firefox but there may possibly be some pages that are less than perfect with that browser.

I  apologise for that and will do my best to fix it as time goes on… feel free to let me know if you find problems.

Menus and navigation:

We have tried to give the most direct possible access to a wide range of specific product links and a very diverse selection of advice on many modelling subjects.

Inevitably, because we cover a wide range of specialised products, the navigation bars have become complex, so we have both grouped and colour coded them to make it easier to scan and find different product types and categories.

We hope you have an easy, relaxed time with us here on the web and we hope you'll come back time and time again to see what is new here at

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About, Contact, purchasing etc

New Items of Interest

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New projects, data and ideas

Advice pages & Tips


A huge information resource!

DCC related products


Everything you need for DCC

MASTERswitch products


Clever products that really help

Soldering Irons & products


The best quality flux, solder and Irons

Tools and related items


Specialised hard to find items

Lighting and LED’s


Worlds best range, lots of data

MASTERscene Products


Realistic trees and much more

Track and specialised items


Only the best of everything

Then, a little about us and how we like to relate to you

We really do try to understand your needs as DCCconcepts is run by a modeller with more than 40 years hands on experience in both US and UK prototype Railway modelling and who takes equal pleasure in scratch-building & painting a fine-scale brass loco, making hand laid track or designing a high tech railway control system…

As real modellers attract other modellers, all those who provide help and services to us are from the same mould - ”can do” people with excellent skills who will not compromise the quality of their results for anything, whether they are doing it for themselves…. OR for you!

Because of this we truly appreciate how much your models mean to you, and understand the issues relating to Railway modelling and DCC intimately...

First and foremost, we try to simply tell it as it is...

No frills, no unnecessary complication.

Our advice is based on our own hands-on experience, and our recommendations are based on real world use, because we refuse to stock and sell ANY item that we would not happily use on our own layout, or in our own modelling activity.

We will always do our best to offer you the best advice & service we can provide and will gladly help where we can if you have a question about any subject related to modelling in general or of course, our products and their application.

Our direct and honest approach to giving advice is often seen as unique:

We simply tell it like it is, in simple direct words, avoiding Jargon and focusing on  the right data, not political correctness…. whether we are advising on reasons for choice of DCC system, why some brands are to be chosen or avoided or something more earthy and less technical like how to lay ballast or lay track properly.

We have a “Can do” approach to everything in our hobby and dislike the jargon, pretension and hair shirt attitude that is often displayed by the so called experts.

We are hands on people, and as modellers we see every new skill needed as a challenge and as an opportunity to learn and we think it is very much our responsibility to share knowledge freely with all other modellers… including YOU!

We really do care about what we sell and how we support you!

Because we know the difference between pretty and practical, we select products more carefully than most, and we develop our own product where we feel existing offerings just don’t cut the mustard for quality and value!

Our Tools are all based on tools WE use in our own modelling, and where there may be an equivalent out there, we make sure ours are sharper, more accurate or simply more usable for the modeller!

We sell only modelling parts or models of a quality that we would buy or own… and we will never sell a locomotive  that has not been fitted by a quality DCC decoder by us, tuned by us and can be guaranteed to run perfectly at all speeds by us - even if we have to strip and perfect it for hours before it hits the shelf!

We built our initial reputation on DCC and know it backwards - So we will only ever recommend and sell DCC systems and decoders that we consider have the quality, performance and comfortable usability that will add to the pleasure of our… and therefore your modelling pleasure.

We offer generous “goof proof” warranties on all our “own brand” products and are able to provide direct personal help and service on any product we sell.

If you can’t do it, we’re happy to teach, but if you simply prefer others to do it for you, we can help…

As well as offering top products and honest advice we are proud to offer the finest quality customized sound creation ...and we are among the worlds best in high quality installation for loco & coach lighting, DCC decoders & top quality DCC sound.

We can install and customize sound decoders to meet your specific requirements, and we can do it in any scale from gauge 1 to N… there are very few locomotives we cannot successfully add sound to, and we guarantee a top quality result.

We understand the importance of correct lighting and light control in locomotives to the serious modeller and also add customized “Much better than factory” quality lighting installation to locomotives, cabooses, passenger coaches and locomotives.

We try not to become TOO involved in service and repair, however we do understand that your “special” loco’s need special care, so case by case, we will help where we can. When we agree to do it, we do it well and at reasonable cost…. as long as you are prepared to be patient.

We can repair, Repaint, refresh, re-motor, and revitalize any loco, brass or plastic.

Our prices for simple installation are reasonable and we rarely bill the total hours used. We never compromise and good work takes a significant amount of time.

This does mean we can be slow (as I write this, we are more than 8 weeks delivery for any new work) so if you want a quick, or cheap & cheerful job done, please look elsewhere… After all, we treat every loco as if it were our own, and never do other than the best possible job.

Finally, we’d like to invite you to take a look at some of our work as modellers.

Of course, the above is all very well, but you don’t really know us so a bit of background may help. If you’d like to see a little more of us and our modelling, click on the “Gallery” Link…. These pages will soon grow to include the work of all associated with DCCconcepts……


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